Rate Schedule: CLWSC Wastewater

CLWSC Sewer Tariff

Effective February 1, 2017

Meter Size

Monthly Minimum Charge*

Rate per 1,000 gallons**










1 ½”












*Includes first 2,000 gallons

** Rate after first 2,000 gallons

Bulk Waste Water


Rate per 100 gallons



Regulatory Assessment


State rules require the utility to collect a fee of one percent of the retail monthly bill.



Rate Calculation


Winter’s month average: volume charges for single family residence with a 1” meter or less are determined based on average water consumption for winter period which includes the following months: December, January, and February.  A residential customer with a separate irrigation only water meter will only be billed their sewage charge on their domestic use meter volume. 

New Accounts: Those residential connections without a history of water consumption shall be charged the lesser of 8,000 gallons per month or actual usage until a winter month’s average is established.


Any place of business with a ¾” or larger water meter: volume charge based on the previous month’s water consumption for each connection. 


New Service / Miscellaneous Fees



Tap Fee – Residential

Tap Fee is based on the average of the utility’s actual cost of materials and labor to install a standard residential connection plus unique costs as permitted by TCEQ or PUC rule at actual cost.


Tap Fee – Large Connection Type

Tap Fee is the utility’s actual cost for the materials and labor to tap size installed.

Actual Cost

Meter Test Fee

This fee may be charged if a customer requests a second meter test within a two-year period and the test indicates that the meter is recording accurately.


Reconnection Fee

The reconnect fee must be paid before service can be restored to a customer who has been disconnected for the following reasons (or other reasons listed under Section 2.0 of the tariff):

   a) Nonpayment of bill

   b) Customers request






Transfer Fee

The transfer fee will be charged for changing an account name at the same service location when the service is not disconnected.