Rate Schedule: City of Bulverde

City of Bulverde Water Utility Tariff

Effective February 1, 2017

Meter Size




Rate per 1,000 gallons

Monthly Minimum Charge




Includes 0 Gallons


2,000 gallons

4,000 gallons

6,000 gallons



8,000 gallons

16,000 gallons

24,000 gallons



7,000 gallons

14,000 gallons

21,000 gallons



17,000 gallons

34,000 gallons

51,000 gallons



Meter Size

1 ½”





Bulk Water

Monthly Minimum Charge







Usage (Flat Rate per 1,000 gallons








Monthly Charges


All Meters and Tiers - Purchase Water Pass-Through Charge

$1.05 per 1,000 gallons

Franchise Fee Assessment (City of Bulverde)

2% of retail monthly bill

Regulatory Assessment Fee (TCEQ Mandated Fee)

1% of retail monthly bill


Supplemental Emergency Service Fee

Meter Size

Monthly Charge
















New Service Fees



Customer Deposit
Deposit will be returned to the account in 18 months if there are no penalties or when the account is closed. The deposit can be waived with a Letter of Credit from a utility company which the applicant has had no less than 12 months of service, showing no penalties, late fees or NSF checks.


Commercial and Non-Residential Deposit

Ie, Bulk Water Meter ($400.00).

1/6th of estimated annual bill

New Service / Account Setup Fee (non-refundable)

A useable service line, meter box, and meter HAVE been established at the lot. Only the customer is new to this location.


Tap Fee

Tap fee covers the utility's costs for materials and labor to install a standard residential 5/8" or 3/4" meter an additional fee to cover unique costs is permitted if listed on this tariff.


Tap Fee (Unique costs)

For example, a road bore for customers outside of subdivisions or residential areas.


Actual Costs

Tap fee (Large meter)

Tap fee is the utility's actual cost of materials and labor for meter size installed.

Actual Costs


Miscellaneous Fees



Reconnection Fee

The reconnect fee must be paid before service can be restored to a customer who has been disconnected for the following reasons:

   a) Nonpayment of bill

   b) Customers request





Late Penalty

A one-time penalty may be made on delinquent bills but may not be applied to any balance to which the penalty was applied in a previous billing.


10% of the bill

Return Payment Fee

This fee may be assessed when a customer payment is returned unpaid.


Meter Relocation Fee

This fee may be charged if a customer requests relocation of an existing meter.

Actual relocation cost, not to exceed Tap Fee

Meter Test Fee

This fee may be charged if a customer requests a second meter test within a two-year period and the test indicates that the meter is recording accurately.


Seasonal Reconnection Fee

Base rate times number of months off the system not to exceed six months when leave and return within a 12 month period.


Transfer Fee

The transfer fee will be charged for changing an account name at the same service location when the service is not disconnected.


Meter Conversion Fee

This fee may be charged if a customer requests a change of size of an existing meter or change is required by a material change in customer's service demand.

Actual cost to convert the meter

Meter Tampering Penalty

This fee is charged for meter tampering, bypassing the meter, or service diversion.


Equipment Damage Fee

The Utility may charge for all labor, material, equipment and all other actual costs necessary to repair or replace all equipment damaged due to negligence, meter tampering, bypassing or service diversion. The Utility may charge for all actual costs necessary to correct service diversion or unauthorized taps where there is no equipment damage, including incidents where the service is reconnected without authority. An itemized bill will be provided to the customers.

Actual cost