Fire Flow Testing

Fire Flow Policy Memo

This memo discusses the policy and procedure for conducting Fire Flow Testing on all hydrants within the Canyon Lake Water Service Company system and establishes the charges associated with this testing. Due to the incorporation of International Fire Code 2006 by the Comal County Fire Marshall, we have received an increased volume of requests for fire flow testing throughout our service area.


Existing or potential customers shall submit a written request to the Engineering Supervisor to conduct a fire flow test. One of two methods may be used to obtain fire flow data:

  1. Test completed by CLWSC Staff.   Upon written request, CLWSC staff shall conduct a fire flow test utilizing hydrants nearest the proposed site.  The results of the test shall be calculated and documented by CLWSC staff.  A copy of the test results shall then be submitted to the requestor.  The fee for this test is $300.
  2. Test completed by others, under the supervision of CLWSC staff.  A requestor may use an independent firm to complete a fire flow test.  However, a member of the CLWSC staff must be present at the site while the test is conducted to ensure valves are opened and closed properly and that the water used during the test is properly accounted for. Once complete, the independent firm shall furnish CLWSC with a copy of their test results for documentation purposes. The fee for this test is $100.


An arrangement for payment of the charges associated with either method of testing must be completed prior to conducting the test.  Fees are effective as the date of this memo and shall remain in effect until revised or superseded.

For additional information or questions concerning this memo, please contact the CLWSC Engineering Manager or CLWSC Contracts Administrator. Contact Us