Bulk Water

Bulk water meters are portable meters attached to fire hydrants used to register water usage at varying locations. 

    Fixed Meter

    • The most common method where a meter is attached to a pre-determined fire hydrant.  The bulk water customer can draw water from this location
    • $45.00 new service fee + $400.00 deposit

    Movable Meter

    • A bulk water customer is provided a meter and is allowed to move the meter as needed.
    • $45.00 new service fee + $1,000.00 deposit

    To establish a bulk water account please fax, email, mail or come to our office with the required documentation and fees. Contact information is available on our  Contact Us page.


    • A Hydrant wrench is needed to operate a bulk water meter.  Proper use of this wrench is required.  Any damage to the bulk water meter due to improper use of the wrench may result in additional charges to the customer.
    • Backflow prevention assembly is required in accordance with the TCEQ regulations. For more information please refer to CLWSC's Cross-Connection Control and Backflow Prevention Manual.
    • Bulk Water Service Application & Agreement
    • Possible Service address in order to determine the nearest hydrant location
    • Current Valid Photo Identification
    • Estimated amount of water to be pulled per month
    • Description of water truck used to haul water (e.g. color, make, model, logo on side, etc.)
    • Bulk Water Agreement Addendum
      • If Movable Meter is requested