Line Locates

CALL BEFORE YOU DIG, it is the law!


Anytime you construct a new fence, add a pool, or build any structure on your property, you must know where underground utility lines are located.  Failure to perform this free service can result in costly repairs to you. 

PLEASE NOTE: When installing a fence along your property, do not fence in the water meter.

You must contact all utilities before you dig. While you can request to have underground utilities located at, they will not locate water utility lines. You will need to contact CLWSC two (2) business days prior to digging in order to have water lines located and identified. There is a utility easement on every property; not all water lines run along the front easement of the property, some run on the side or along the back easement.

There is no charge to have water lines located.  If you fail to have CLWSC’s water lines located and damage occurs, you will be responsible for all charges including labor to repair the equipment.

Complete and return our Spot Line Request to request your line locate service. To return the Spot Line Request please fax, email, mail or come to our office. Contact information is available on our Contact Us page.

Once line locates are completed, they are valid for 14 days.  You are required to keep any digging or excavation at least 24 inches on either side of the marked line.  If damage occurs, you must call CLWSC immediately.