Water Pressure

Due to the terrain and size of the CLWSC service area, “normal” pressure varies due to multiple factors including the elevation of the property and its physical relationship to the water source (tanks and reservoirs). Homes at higher elevations typically have lower pressure than homes at lower elevations. Water pressures are predominately based on elevated storage tank water levels, assisted by the use of booster pumps.

CLWSC recommends that all customers have a Pressure Reducer Valve (PRV) installed at their location to protect against high pressure and pressure surges as the water system evolves or changes in direction of flow.




Quick Reference Guide for Common Water Pressure Issues

Issue Possible Cause Solution
Clanging or Rattling Pipes High Pressure Install or Service Pressure Reducer Valve
Malfunctioning relief valve on water heater High Pressure Install or Service Pressure Reducer Valve
Reoccurring customer leaks High Pressure Install or Service Pressure Reducer Valve
Low pressure only internally
  1. Clogged water softener
  2. Clogged aerator screens
  3. Water supply line crimped or supply valve partially closed
  1. By-pass and service water softener
  2. Clean or replace aerator screens
  3. Check supply line and valve, contact a plumber
Low pressure only hot water Water Heater Flush and service water heater
Low pressure inside and outside
  1. Customer Leak
  2. Customer Valve Partially closed
  3. Malfunctioning Pressure Reducer Valve
  1. Refer to How to Check for Leaks
  2. Check Customer Valve
  3. Service Pressure Reducer Valve
Low pressure when running multiple facets, appliances, sprinkler system, etc. Not enough volume through the meter, may need a larger meter Complete our Water Service Sizer Questionnaire and contact CLWSC, our staff can help determine the best sized meter
Low pressure in the mornings, evenings and in the summer High Demand on main water lines during peak usage  
Sudden drop in pressure to multiple customers Water leak on main distribution line Contact CLWSC
Low pressure area House is located at the higher elevation, like the top of a hill Install a booster system