Service Outage

CLWSC recommends that you keep a supply of water on hand at all times in case of a service interruption. All reasonable efforts will be made to prevent interruptions. However, routine maintenance and repairs are required to keep the distribution system in good working condition. If interruptions occur, the utility will re-establish service within the shortest possible time frame.

Scheduled Service Outage

Scheduled repairs and maintenance typically occur during normal business hours. CLWSC makes an effort to contact all customers who will be affected by scheduled service interruptions through the means of an automated phone call to the primary number on the customer’s account.

Emergency Service Outage

Water leaks are not predictable and can occur at any time of the day or night. When a serious break occurs, the water is shut down immediately, without notice, to prevent further damage to streets and/or personal property and to limit the amount of water loss. CLWSC crews work to isolate leaks to affect the fewest number of customers possible. The duration of repairs vary with each incident, but CLWSC crews will continue working until service is restored.

What to Expect

After service has been restored, you may experience an uneven or pulsating stream of water from your faucets or fixtures when you first use them. This is usually caused by a small amount of air trapped in your plumbing lines and will resolve itself after a few minutes through normal water usage. When pipelines in the streets are disturbed due to repairs in your area, mineral sediments sometimes break loose and cause rusty or dirty-looking water. The sediments are harmless mineral deposits that naturally occur in water.

If the water does not clear after running it for a few minutes, please call our Customer Service Department.